Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goodbye Weekend

This weekend, my friends and I had a going away extravaganza for our dear friend Alex. In exactly one week, she will be moving from Hoboken, NJ back hometown of Chicago, IL.

To celebrate, 10 of us went to Jane in the West Village. We sat at a large square table in the downstairs dining room. It was the perfect table for a celebratory dinner. I could easily talk to the girls sitting next to me and speak just as easily to my friends sitting across the table. After ordering four bottles of wine for the table, I made a short toast to Alex and the group began telling their favorite stories about Alex. Any by favorite, I mean most embarrassing.

For appetizers we ordered goat cheese flat bread (I'll eat anything with goat cheese), crispy sesame calamari and toasted ricotta gnocchi. The gnocchi was, hands down, one of the most amazing dishes I have ever eaten. Each piece of pasta was toasted, giving it a texture that isn't usually experienced with gnocchi and the white truffle cream that it was served with was beyond decadent. Because there were 10 of us, I only ate two pieces of gnocchi but I certainly plan on returning for the dish.

I ordered the steak frites for dinner. Around the table were also orders of the steak salad, roasted Scottish salmon, seared ahi tuna and more. The steak frites was fantastic but for the entire meal, I was craving more of the gnocchi.

We polished off several more bottles of wine. Told more stories. Ordered dessert. Had a great last supper as a group with Alex.

Laura with the guest of honor Alex.


Megan and Molly toasting.

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<3 J. said...

Aw that sounds like fun! Theres nothing like a great night out with good girlfriends!